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First Studio Shoot!

We had so much fun with our first photo shoot in the new studio! All of us (Tara, Maggie, Jessica & I) wanted to be the one behind the camera rather in front, but we each took our turn playing model. Gave us all a new appreciation for our clients - it's hard work when the other side of the lens.

This shoot was extra special to have my best friend, Tara B., visiting from Australia. Tara and I were college roommates and started our first photo business together. Riverbend Studio would never be where it is without her support, inspiration and advice. I am lucky to have her shoot with me when she comes home for a visit, but this is the first time we have had a photo shoot of ourselves.

Huge thanks to Juli for our makeup and to Jessica & Maggie for being such good sports as I took video and photos of them. Ollie Dog left them covered in hair and Wilson licked baby Poppy's face clean. #goodtimes

The studio is open - Who is coming to visit?!

*Wine ends the shoot... but can start the shoot as needed