Portraits with Personality.

Do you have a favorite photo of yourself or a loved one? What makes it stand out?

After taking thousands of portraits, I find myself always going back to the same style of images. I adore a portrait that focuses on the eyes and emotion while the background fades out.

The winning images always have the same components: the light and angle to flatter you, the pose shows off your best attributes... but the secret sauce is when the person's personality shines through.

These combine to create a special photograph. An image that you love more than all the rest. The Winner.

In the studio we can control all of these factors and focus on creating an image that outshines, outlasts all the others to become your new favorite.

My loft studio has creative options from the bright, light, airy windows to brick walls full of texture. Even industrial freight elevator, red metal doors and old windows for a totally different feel.

If we go to an outdoor location it changes the tone and goal of the photo shoot. This is a lighthearted, lifestyle photo shoot capturing the moments of laughter and happiness against the backdrop of our gorgeous city.