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The wedding pro's reveal the secrets to create a happy wedding day.

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Hi brides, I'm Robin.

An entrepreneur, photographer and wedding expert on a mission to help you look and feel your most beautiful on your wedding day.

Coming soon: how-to videos, interviews, articles and cheat sheets revealing the secrets to create wonderful wedding days and Happy Brides.

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When I walk into the brides getting ready room and see she has the following items set out and ready for me to photograph, I know it is going to be a good day! Follow these simple tips to set your morning up for success.

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This tip is a double whammy in effectiveness and efficiency- happy brides and pretty photos. Plan to have your mom and bridesmaids dressed before you. This simple advice makes a huge impact on both the flow of the day and the outcome of your getting ready photos.

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Without a doubt this is the BEST secret about the pre-ceremony time of the wedding day you probably have never heard of.

You are dreaming of the moment your groom sees you for the first time… every detail has been planned, your photographer will be zoomed in and focused on his reaction. This is such an important moment on your big day, it will be documented without fail.

But there is another important man that is often missed - your dad. We give you the step by step guide to set up this special moment.

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Time to have fun! This is such a high-energy, emotionally charged moment you don’t want to miss it. Or your photographer to miss it.

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You’re dressed and ready to go! Now that all the reveals are done, it’s time to focus on you, the bride. I love to have up to 30 minutes for this time to take some stunning bridal portraits. Every photographer is different based on their photography style. Honestly this is also a good pad in the timeline in case any of the other events runs long.

Here is your opportunity to open any gift or card that your groom may have sent over to you. This is a sweet photo moment and naturally goes with the bridal portrait session.

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Without a doubt scheduling is the key to kicking off your wedding day for the best start. Let’s look at how to schedule your morning to give each special event its proper due. Every wedding day will be different, but here are some general timelines to help you create a winning wedding morning.