City Photo Shoot

A light-hearted lifestyle photo shoot in the city $550

We focus on having fun and catching the candid moments of laughter, hugs, and sweetness (or sassiness!) that captures your family in real life. Using the city as a backdrop adds another element of creativity, allowing us to bring to life an environmental portrait of your family.

PRICE: $550

All high resolution, watermark-free, digital image files are included. Letter of copyright release grants you permission to print, share and save the photos.

One hour family photo shoot on location in Chicagoland including a family portrait, individual portraits or combos (kids together, kids solo portraits). Session includes 4 people and a pet. It is $25 per additional family member. Locations can be your home, downtown Chicago, a park, the beach, the skyline.... what represents your family best?

All images are edited and lightly retouched. The number of final images will range, but there is no photo limit.

The final edited images will be delivered on a proofing website that is easily viewed on any device.

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