Studio Sessions

A modern take on the traditional studio portrait $350

After taking thousands of portraits, I find myself always going back to the same style of images. I adore a portrait that focuses on the eyes and emotion while the background fades out.

The winning images always have the same components: the perfect light and angle to flatter you, the pose shows off your best attributes... but the secret sauce is when the person's personality shines through.

In the studio we can control all of these factors and focus on creating an image that outshines, outlasts all the others to become your new favorite.

My 2,000 square foot industrial studio has creative options from the bright, airy windows to studio sets with modern furniture. It's a comfortable space for your family to hang out and makes the shoot a relaxed and fun experience. Complete with a stocked bar for the adults and snack drawer for the kiddos (ok, and the adults - who doesn't love Goldfish crackers?).

PRICE: $350

All high resolution, watermark-free, digital image files are included. Letter of copyright release grants you permission to print, share and save the photos.

One hour family photo shoot in studio including a family portrait, individual portraits or combos (kids together, kids solo portraits). Session includes 4 people and a pet. It is $25 per additional family member.

All images are edited and lightly retouched. The number of final images will range, but there is no photo limit.

The final edited images will be delivered on a proofing website that is easily viewed on any device.

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